Good but very basic costume.

Be careful what you are buying. there are tons of Merida costumes out there andthey all seem alike on the pictures.Here is what you need to know:All merida costumes do come in two colors : dark green and turqoise blue, all of them.REason being – the princess wears two costumes in the movie so ther you have it.Now: within each color you can find basically two or three levels of quality.Top quality will be your disney store costumes- they will be all over amazon or other places like eebay and they will be more expensive then all others.How to tell them apart form others aside from the price? The dark green one has lots of more gold then the basic ones, it has lots of more embroidery on the torso and it has pleted skirt with sort of openning on the front. Other cheaper versions do come with plain torso and little golden accents on the sleeves.The other – the torquoise blue by Disney store will be actually opossite – you can tell it by plain torso no embroidery of any kind but just velour fabric, but the golden accetns on the sleeve ends iwll be wider. So wiill be the end of the skirt, very wide golden border. The costume is also much longer then cheap version.What you are getting here is a cheap and basic version of the dark green costume. It is also made by disney but it is only Disney licensed as opposed to be Disney made and distrubted by Disney stores only.So there you have it.. read my reviews of specific costumes as I did diligent research on all of them and compare them individually per costume as it was tedious process to pick a best for my daughter so now I have this knowledge and nothign to do with it so I share it with you ;:)

Pros & Cons

Cool suit, but there are a few things to be aware of! The sizing instructions for this item made it seem as though a medium would fit me, when indeed it was not even close. I had to exchange it for an XL, which fit perfect. I’m 5’10″ 175lb, just so you get an idea of my size. Even a large would have been too tight (I think), so I’m glad I went with the XL. It was not baggy at all.Also, consider the ambient temperature of where you will be wearing this suit and plan to wear layers underneath accordingly (which I didn’t). It was 50° and slightly windy, certainly cold enough for me to stick close to the bonfire!Unless you’re not at all modest, a pair of shorts on *over* this suit isn’t a bad idea because it doesn’t leave much to the imagination, even w/ two pairs of boxers on. I decided it would get more laughs if I stuffed a shirt down the front instead & I wasn’t wrong. :) Can you see (out) through this thing? Yeah, mostly. Hard to see details in low lighting. Gets annoying not being able to see the people you are talking to clearly. The mask comes off easily enough, but then, what’s the point?Can you see (in) through this thing? Kinda. I got the red one and you could see the smiley faces on my boxers underneath. Plan accordingly! Ppl will see what you do (or don’t) have on under the suit.Can you breathe through this thing? Sure, no prob. I noticed that the mask squashed my nose a bit, but it wasn’t a big deal.Can you eat through this thing? Hell no! Not unless you cut a hole in the mouth or something!$1,000,000.oo question: Can you drink through this thing?? Yes, but you’ve got to really want it. I found it easiest to drink from a mug. Push the mug up against the spandex and schlurp it to help get it through the mesh. You’ll quickly get the hang of following up by inhaling/sucking dry the material as best you can in a pathetic attempt to not end up w/ a wet face. I put up with doing this for about 2 hrs before I decided it was probably best to just take the mask off for a while…Summary: This is a great suit for the money! I had a lot of fun wearing it, but I wouldn’t recommend it to anyone who would have to wear it for an extended period of time (3+ hrs) or in hot/cold conditions. It also needs a few accessories to really make it awesome. I had a wig and alien sunglasses, which did the trick nicely. I also had a red & white helmet w/ giant horns that I had made a few years back that also worked out well. I wore my costume for approx 3 hrs before finally giving in and putting on more clothing (it was freezing out by then!).Hope this helps!

Very comfy interior linging, solid sole, short heel – UPDATED Oct 2011

I bought these for working in the barn – cleaning horse stalls, sloshing big water buckets and the like. It’s just too hot in the summer to wear traditional boots (at least for me). The Sloggers garden shoes are very comfortable around the house and they are indeed waterproof – that alone makes them a worthwhile purchase. They have a really cushy lining inside. I also like the tread on the bottom of the sole – solid enough to walk in mud and slippery ground without sliding around at all.The ONLY complaint I have and the reason I am leaving a four star rather than five star review is the heel & overall fit. I wear an 8 1/2 normally in sneakers and boots and 9 in high heels, so I ordered the size 9. I figured even if they were a tad wider than needed, socks would make up for the difference. They fit fine with regard to actual measurements. However, with every step the heel is very loose and feels like it’s going to slide off my foot. They feel like those backless clogs instead of a solid fitting shoe. The height of the back of the shoe is lower than a traditional shoe and higher than a traditional clog. DROVE ME CRAZY for the first few days and now I’ve gotten used to it & it’s fine. Just a warning though if you need the support of a regular back or heel, then these probably aren’t for you.************************UPDATE Oct 2011*********************************************After wearing these Sloggers every single day since I bought them I am still very happy with them. They are indeed waterproof – I stepped in what turned out to be a deep puddle, immersing the shoes to the very top edge. No damage whatsoever inside or out. My foot was dry inside the shoe. I was concerned that every day use would stretch them at the ankle area or it would weaken etc – so far it’s just like new. I will buy these Sloggers again in the future for sure!

Columbia Men’s Steens Mountain Full Zip 2.0 Fleece Jacket

This Columbia Men’s Steens Mountain Full Zip 2.0 Fleece Jacket was purchased from Amazon. It has been about a month of ownership, but it is my favorite jacket. I also love the North Face TKA 100 Microvelour 1/4 Zip, which is my favorite sweater. When purchasing this jacket, a focus was on getting a soft fleece sweater or jacket with pockets. This could be the outer layer for cool weather, or a thicker mid-layer for insulating. It is used more as an outer layer, given the weather is not consistently raining to pouring.First, the fleece on this jacket is soft. Not quite as soft as the North Face TKA 100, but still very comfortable and supple. Prior to this, I had a North Face Windwall 1 jacket that was too rigid and not as comfortable, but a bit warmer than this jacket. Second, the jacket is fairly lightweight, though again not quite as light as the North Face TKA 100. Third, the jacket is warm, a little more than the North Face TKA 100, but a little less than the North Face Windwall 1. Fourth, the jacket is breathable. Fifth, the jacket does stay warm and dries quickly even with light rain. Sixth, the hand warmer pockets are nice and form inner pockets as well.In conclusion, I rate the Columbia Men’s Steens Mountain Full Zip 2.0 Fleece Jacket a 4.9 out of 5.0. This jacket is kept in the office, where the air conditioning is always set really cold. The Columbia works very well, is very comfortable, is easy to put on with a full-zipper, and has cozy hand pockets. If only the North Face TKA 100 had a model with full-zip and pockets, or this Columbia Steens was as soft and thin.

The perfect dress to make her smile

I’ll admit first and foremost… I didn’t buy this dress for any formal occasion. That tiny little angel had recently seen “Frozen” and is particularly interested in a scene about “Coronation Day.” I haven’t seen the movie but the girl loves it. She is really into dresses that twirl and lift when she spins and has called me (with a little help from mom) just to ask me to buy her “a green dress.”"Dan, you buy me a green dress? I want a green dress please.”It’s not an expensive dress though most of her other clothes certainly don’t cost what I paid for this dress… but it was a special purchase for me because she’s never asked me for anything before.I’m new to the family… mommy’s boyfriend. And at first, the kid pretty much hated me. Now we get along great. We play together, we talk, we laugh… it’s unlike anything I’ve ever experienced because I don’t have my own kids. Her and I really have developed an awesome loving relationship. And for her to look to me to find something she wanted… That’s awesome. Guys in my situation know what I’m talking about. We all know the first time she came to us with a boo-boo instead of crying for mommy… that kinda thing.Ok reality is… the girl has me wrapped around her tiny little adorable fingers. And honestly, it was a huge ego boost for me to find a green dress (that was really all she specified) that she would love. Buy her love? Hey, I’ve earned her love… I was just putting a down payment on her adoration as well.The dress is perfect. The size was spot-on (which for me to have gotten right was a miracle in and of itself… even though mom helped again with that). Because she’s a toddler… she toddles. She’s pretty much a wrecking ball of uncoordinated movement and the shape of the dress keeps her from tripping on the skirt when she’s spinning around showing everyone “my green dress Dan gave me.”Yeah that’s right, I made it about me again… anyways. It’s a good quality. The little green flower is safety-pinned on so you can take it off/move it… whatever. The flower itself is glued to the safety pin and the little one ripped that right off the glue within about the first 8 seconds. No biggie. I’m a guy, I know how to work superglue and I always have duct tape.I bought this dress as a play dress for a kid that likes dress-up. I wouldn’t recommend spending this kind of money on a play dress considering Wal-Mart has cheaper dresses that are actually made for playing in. Mom has said she’ll likely play in it for a while and lose interest and provided it doesn’t get destroyed, we’ll pull it out for other events. It would make a cute flower-girl dress.Material seems strong, zipper seems strong. Sequins have held up fairly well throughout all sorts of princess activities… dancing with the cat, rolling around with her sister, etc. The shear see-through mesh whatever material outside of the green skirt will probably be the first thing to tatter but because of the style I think it wouldn’t be that noticeable… but again I’m a guy. I’m basically trying to make sure the kid doesn’t burst into flames or destroy whatever venue we’re in so what do I know about what people notice?Everyone thinks she looks adorable in it but with those curls she looks adorable in everything.

Be free with wireless speakers

Wireless speakers give you the freedom to move your music to where you want it to be without the hassles of cables. Planning to have a party outside? Don’t move your whole entertainment system outside while you can make use of outdoor wireless speakers which can move right along with the party.Want to have hi-fi quality sound through your laptop computer? Why should you be tied to wires while using a portable computer? Make use of wireless speakers to give you the freedom to work or play on your computer where you want to, while having the high fidelity sound you deserve. Here are a few examples of how you can use wireless speakers to improve your way of living.ï Listen to your favorite music collection while taking a bath.ï Have a BBQ or party outside without having to move your whole stereo system.ï You can store all your favorite music on your computer and listen to it anywhere in your home.ï Listen to music while working in the garden.ï When your computer is doing certain time consuming tasks, have it play a sound when it is done with the task or when there is an error and have your wireless speaker notify you while you are lying next to the pool.ï Get the perfect surround sound effect by having the freedom to move the speakers to exactly the right spots without getting tangled in wires.ï Let your computer notify you of upcoming tasks or appointments by playing a sound through your outdoor wireless speakers, while you are washing your car.ï Let your wireless speaker notify you discretely of intruders by connecting it to your alarm system.ï Use you wireless speakers as a portable intercom system.There are however a few things you need to watch out for when shopping for wireless speakers. Some are listed here:InterferenceSome wireless speakers may interfere with other wireless devices in your house like cordless phones. A good wireless speaker system will allow you to tune it to a different frequency to overcome these interferences.Battery lifeBattery life is not always too great on wireless speakers, as it consumes power to drive the speakers, internal amplifier and RF receiver. So, if you want to use your wireless speakers for extended periods of time, it may be wise to make use of the AC power adaptor. Now this may not always be practical – the whole idea of wireless speakers is to get rid of the wires. Rechargeable batteries might be the answer and some of the models even come with rechargeable batteries -something to consider when you need total freedom, even from power outlets.RangeMost wireless speakers can work fine within a range of 150 to 300 feet from the transmitter. (Which would be located at the source of sound i.e. your hi-fi or computer) The RF frequency is high enough for it to work through walls and furniture. You do not need a line of sight, but bear in mind that obstacles weakens the signal, and the more obstacles between the transmitter and receiver, the shorter the range will become.WeatherproofOutdoor wireless speakers are claimed to be weatherproof, but if you do not need to use your speakers outside all the time, rather store them inside. This will definitely extend the life of your valuable outdoor wireless speakers. If you really need to leave it outside all the time, try to find a spot where it can be hidden from the most harsh weather conditions.StereoNot all wireless speaker systems include two speakers to give you a stereo experience. Especially the outdoor wireless speakers are sold as single units. This can easily be overcome by purchasing two speakers, obviously doubling the price.LegislationWireless speakers use RF signals which may interfere with other RF devices. Make sure that the frequency range is legal in your country. If it is sold by a reputable dealer in your country, this should not be a problem. Wireless speakers technology is still a fairly new technology and some still have issues to be sorted out. So you have to do your shopping wisely.

All About LED Flat Panel

TV production sets require intense lighting which is again provide by LED panels. As you can control the color temperature this diode based technology comes in handy. They can cope with direct sunlight and shine brighter than it like the new age car headlights and billboards. They can be thrice as bright as conventional lighting techniques. Such adaptive behaviour leads to it’s popularity among personal and commercial use.They can be used to grow plants as they can replicate sun’s light making them very important to science and for future space travel. They are used in medical industry, mining, signboards. The uses are almost endless. Which describes it’s status as a essential in todays world.

The most common use being the Flat Panel LED display at your home and the LED panel at your ceiling for mood lighting.This has made the TV thinner and gave us better spectrum and high resolution picture to look at. OLED technology is also coming soon which will take it to the next level. LCD and 3D based LED TV’s are also available in the market. Text displays and digital clocks also use this technological marvel in a matrix formation to run.

Now we have understood where they are used so lets add to that the benefit of using them.They are subject to limited tear and wear. Can go on continuously for hours without any efficiency drop or failure. They work without a hiccup. Work in every operating temperature. Electrically they are the most efficient. They come in varied size and production costs are cheap. There are various type of LED technologies that can be used to produce the perfect panel required. They can give any color and intensity of light desired. Because of their cost effectiveness and uses they have become an integral part of our growth. And as more research goes into it, the more promise this technology provides.

Awesome Compact Refrigerator For The Office

Bought one of these for my office to keep beverages cool and lunches fresh. Amazon Prime got it here (for free!) in 2 days in great shape. Plugged it in 7 months ago and have never had a single issue with it since.Interior layout is pretty good – no freezer! Lower shelf is somewhat shallow, but top ones are plenty deep. About 1/2 of the door is designed to hold 12oz soda/beer cans, so if you don’t have any, some space may be wasted. With all the shelving pulled out, the surfaces are pretty even and easy to clean.Temperature adjustment is a simple knob. Seems to cool pretty quickly, and accidentally setting it too cold demonstrated that it had no problem freezing things. Hasn’t apparantly struggled with the occasional 90 degree day. If you are interested you can readup some more detailed information and specs on this refrigerator by Clicking Here.In a shared office with half a dozen people, running computers, etc, it’s virtually silent except for a half a moment of quiet whirr and gurgle when it comes on a few times an hour.Door is easy to open from the top-mounted handle and looks reversible. Magnets stick to the sides, but not the front. Top is sturdy enough to stack other things on. Has had no issue staying cool being crammed into a corner, pushed within 1″ of hitting both walls. Before I end this review I would like to recommend this store as they were the store that I could find the best price on this refrigerator.

Durable, comfortable, and rad!

Apart from sizing a little on the tight side (consider ordering a half-size up if your feet are on the larger end of the size you normally wear), these are everything I wanted them to be. They’re super-comfortable (which I’ve come to expect from Onitsuka) and (also meeting my Onitsuka expectations) very well-made. Tigers last as long or longer than Vans (which really is something special). In fact, until a couple of years ago, I wore Vans exclusively–because their longevity could not be matched (in that price point). But I have officially switched to Onitsuka Tigers (for their longevity, comfort, and style. You really can’t go wrong with these (except, perhaps, for ordering the wrong size).Note: These shoes are the opposite of non-slip. On ice and wet floors, they are noticeably MORE slippery than other shoes. On linoleum or tile floors, water might as well be Astro-Glide.EDIT, FOUR MONTHS AFTER POSTING THIS INITIAL REVIEW: I still love them. On the outside, they’re still in great shape. They almost look new, except for some wrinkles in the leather–a result of it taking the shape of my foot.One drawback I did not consider: They’re leather, so heat and moisture have nowhere to go. At the end of a long day (waiting tables) my feet come out of these shoes smelling like they never have with any other pair of shoes. My recommendation: Don’t wear them when you’re going to be on your feet running around like a maniac for six to eight hours without an opportunity to remove them and let your feet (and the shoes) breathe.

DVR reviews

DVRs are now being used in areas like surveillance and entertainment. DVRs have managed to get a good response from the market and the future will see DVRs being employed in new areas like weather forecasting and ship to shore communication. DVRs have carved a niche in the field of satellite television. HDDVRs with all their features have managed to attract the attention of many a couch potatoes. The futuristic feel of the product and the control that it has given to the viewer has added a new dimension to TV viewing and some are already comparing it with the transformation brought on after the onset of color television in the last century. However, it may take a while before this technology becomes the norm and broadcasters start airing programs that are tailor made or customized to HDDVR sets. With DVR technology, the reception of signals at the viewer end is digital and now the onus has shifted to the broadcaster to provide signals of matching quality to further enhance viewing pleasure. As far as surveillance does, DVRs are fast replacing the conventional VCRs. Extensive research and development work is going on in many corporations and labs to develop better DVR devices to suit varied market requirements. The remote location monitoring option by which offices could be monitored from anywhere in the world, has caught the attention of the market. There is also extensive demand for the embedded DVRs because of their independence and ease of operation. Many banks, security firms, commercial organizations have already switched over to this technology and are enjoying the benefits. In the transport sector, the technology is now fast catching up as many cargo firms are now depending on DVRs to obtain real time information on the movement and safety of their goods. Along with the GPS system, this technology has given companies another avenue to monitor cargo movement. The demand for DVR in this sector is expected to increase in the years to come. With the use of DVRs in multiple sectors, the stage is now set for development of customized DVRs. These will take a different path of evolution from their predecessors and may even be developed into a completely different technology.