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If you have never used products made of natural ingredients in the past, you may be interested to know as much as you can about them before you actually place your initial order. Thanks to the Internet, you can get all the information you want in a few minutes. For instance, you will realize that when someone mentions these products, they refer to various foods, mineral and vitamin supplements, as well as nutrition products, herbal products and even all kinds of cosmetics. The crucial thing to remember is that you can use any of these products without fearing the consequences. This is especially important if you have already had an unfortunate experience with medications and drugs that you have previously taken. So, instead of visiting a doctor and waiting to have new pills prescribed, you can be the one in full control over your body and health. Before you purchase your first natural health product, you need to know that there are many distributors and stores that sell them. What this means is that you will come across various options at different prices. It’s crucial to make sure that you don’t get less than you pay for. Take your time and get as much information as you can about the store or the distributor of health products you are interested in. If they meet all your criteria, you can place your order without thinking twice. The moment you do that, you will have made the most important step on your journey towards a healthier life.

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These shoes ARE Leather (regarding the stamp inside)

I received mine today, and like another reviewer, I tripped out about the stamp inside the shoes stating, “MAN MADE UPPER, BALANCE MAN MADE”. Oh, I was FUMING!!! Anywhere you look online (Clarks website, OnlineShoes, Amazon, etc. . .) these shoes are described and sold as being made of LEATHER. It even states on the outside of the shoebox, “SUGAR SPICE, BLACK LEA, CUIR NOIR”. Not only was I outraged at what I thought was false advertising (who wants to buy polyurethane at leather prices?!), but I am also extremely picky about my shoes, and I CANNOT STAND fake leather.Well, I counted to 10, calmed myself down and started examining the shoes more closely. I even sniffed the uppers repeatedly to see if I could detect that classic leather smell, which I faintly could. This is a very smooth, lightweight, sleek leather (though not patent) even in comparison to that of other Clarks shoes I own, such as the Ingalls Atlantic, which is virtually identical with only a whisper less of a sleek feel and a touch more weight. In all ways, these shoes displayed the same high quality and attention to detail as any other Clarks shoes I have worn.So I called the company to ask what was up with the stamp. Turns out, sometimes “MAN MADE UPPER” is confusingly stamped inside some of their leather shoes. The representative was highly knowledgeable and patient in answering my questions, and he more than reassured me that the uppers of these shoes are made of full-grain cowhide leather. He also shared that Clarks is one of the last companies out there who still makes their shoes by hand rather than on an assembly line. The material for each shoe is hand-cut, and all stiching and construction of each shoe is performed by one person from start-to-finish. He stated that the stamp may simply be indicating this technique and/or some other materials of the upper, such as the goring or stitching. So yes, the stamp has caused a good bit of confusion. But according to my findings, THESE ARE LEATHER SHOES. ;) . . .Hope this helps.Oh, and like any other Clarks shoes I have worn, these are highly attractive shoes with outstanding comfort, stability, traction and support. My shoe size gravitates between a 9M (in most heels) and a 9.5M (in most flats). I got a 9M in these shoes. They are true to size and width, and they are ready to wear right out of the box without any breaking in. I find no areas of discomfort in them anywhere. The heel, itself, is right at 2 and 1/8″, which gives just the right amount of height to be worn with dressy/career trousers. All of these qualities are a MUST for me to be properly attired and confident on my feet for about 10 hours straight. . .quick-stepping around the treacherous corners of a dog show ring. ;) I don’t think they are terribly cute worn with a dress or a skirt (maybe color-matched tights would help???), but they and my other Clarks shoes are basically the most perfect shoes I have found to wear with dressy/career trousers when I have to be sure-footed.

Great Product!

After trying on over a dozen shape wear items (for under my wedding dress) including thigh slimmers and waist nippers with & without attached underwear, etc. this was the clear winner. Here’s why it’s good for me, if you are similar it’s good for you too:I am 5’9″ 140 lb. I got the medium.1. No rolling! sitting, standing, no rolling.2. Creates a smooth silhouette, no sudden indents, no fat roll spilling out the top.3. No tugging, it’s snug enough to stay in place.4. It’s shaped like an hourglass so it pulls in more at the narrowest part of you waist, total enhancement of that beautiful shape.5. Covers a good amount- I have a longer torso and it goes from a little under the bust to the top pelvis bones (the product photo is fairly accurate, though I think I had it pulled up a little higher). Somehow it even perks the bust up a bit.6. Perfect under the dress b/c you can wear any type of underwear so using the bathroom won’t be a major ordeal.7. While the fabric is incredible strong it isn’t super thick like many long-line bras so it is cooler under the dress and truly thins you out.8. It isn’t ugly. I have a reasonably thin, nice figure and much of the shape wear I tried on was actually unflattering on me and ugly as a garment.9. It actually feels good to wear. I really feel it is pulling me in and smoothing me out without anything digging in, riding up, or spilling out.Shape wear should be snug. You should feel a good deal of compression, so I do recommend ordering your true size. This is a great product. I could see using it after the wedding as well under other dresses and nice clothes.

Depends on user!

Has 1 USB port like on computers and 1 micro USB port like on your everyday android smartphone. The cable that it comes with plugs into both of these USB ports so you can use it as a parallel charger (charge the charger and your phone same time). Just plug your phone charger in the solar charger’s micro port, then plug the cable from the regular usb port on the solar charger and the other end of the cable to your phone. Now both are devices are being charged simultaneously!This device charges my android once and dies. Good, considering it’s only 2 AA batteries and a .25W solar panel. It takes 2 days (YES I SAID TWO) of FULL sunlight for this to get to 75% charged. Which is also only as much as the solar panel can charge it. So unless you charge it like you charge your phone (via USB or AC outlet) then the charge LED will never go green (100%). The best conditions to use this in, POWER OFF your phone, charge the phone while the panel is in full sunlight, remove when phone is done to stop trickle, and you might be able to charge twice this way.Charging non-droid phones you can do about 5 no problem. I have a verizon flip and a tracfone slider and they never drain the battery in the charger. They also have a 3 week standby where as a droid usually has about a day. So, if you got a cheap phone then this is a great buy for you!FLASHLIGHT:Beam is bright and with built in pocket clip on opposite end can illuminate a whole room when clipped to a backpack or belt loop for hands free operation. First click = Beam, second = SOS beam, third = 10 LED lantern bright, fourth = 10 LED lantern dim, fifth = OFF. I clipped the light to the center roof part of my tent and left it on all night from around 6pm until 6am. I forgot to put it in the sun that day and went back to it that evening again figuring it would be dead. To my surprise it actually lasted another whole night. So 24 hrs with the 1 LED beam.The 10 LED lantern on the other hand is a lot brighter in smaller areas, easier on the eyes for reading, but drains the battery faster too. On the bright setting I got about 8 hrs constant before it started it’s slow dim to dead process (which took about another hour or two before it fully died). On the dim setting, you can expect to get 12 to 16 hours before it starts dim(mer) to dead.OTHER INFO:If you want to prolong the life of this device, let it die COMPLETELY, then charge it FULLY (USB or AC). And by fully, I mean turn the lantern on high and let it run out if it needs it. Doing this will give the batteries inside it longer battery memory.Also, you could upgrade the batteries in it by unscrewing the 4 tiny phillips screws. Sanyo 2700mah AA batteries (which are sold here on AMAZON) would pretty much double your devices life, but ALSO DOUBLE it’s charge time. Well worth it if you want to use it for high powered devices like portable cameras or android phones or if you just want to store a larger charge for your other devices.

Outstanding value that lasts

I’ve had many boonies over the years, ranging from genuine USGI to the hat I am reviewing here. Some people review these as if they were USGI and I want to point out that this is wrong thinking. Before I get into that, I’ll say I just received my Amazon-purchased hat, and its the same as one I have used as a hot weather hat for many years… so I can and will give an extended use report at the tail end of this review.Now, to the review of the hat: The thing you have to realize here is this is not a USGI boonie. It is meant as a light weight, loose-fitting hot weather hat that keeps your brain and skin from being broiled. Its light weight and loose fit make it as comfortable as can be expected of a cover in extreme heat.I overlaid this hat to a current USGI boonie. The brim is just a bit wider, by almost exactly the width of the ‘hem’ material ringing the brim. That makes it about 1/2″ to 3/4″ wider overall. Not a lot but its appreciated if you are snapping up the sides, as this slight extra width keeps a bit of sagging brim over your ears to prevent them sunburning. You can always bring up the sides of a boonie with the neck strap over your head, but the side snaps make this … well, a snap. Snaps simply work better than the tie-the-string- method; and again, whoever placed the snaps did it in such a way that there is still overhang to cover your ears.The material on this hat has been chided by some and lauded by others as very lightweight. If you remember or are aware of the hot weather uniform issued to the troops during the Vietnam era, this is *exactly* that same weight of fabric. It is a thin, airy, lightweight ripstop. For a hot weather hat that is a good thing. The label reads it out to be 65% polyester and 35% cotton so that gives it something the old-school ripstop fabric didn’t have: resistance to shrinkage and maybe better durability than 100% cotton.Yesterday I wore the hat – a 90+ degree day – while working the barbeque at a company event. Hot! The hat stayed on and was loose enough of a fit to not soak with sweat or be uncomfortable to the point I wanted to take it off. Speaking of soaking with sweat… that very lightweight fabric dries quickly. I took it off when in the shade and by the time I stepped into the sun again the band was noticeably drier.Now for the extended use report on my older version of this hat: Its still going strong. No rips or tears. Its been skrunched up and worn a million times. Thrown into the wash to clean it up and come out fine. Its maybe shrunk a little and fits tighter … that or the one I bought years ago wasn’t this large size. Regardless its still good to go and is in my bag in the car trunk in case I need a quick sunshade.Now that I’ve found where these things are for sale again I just bought two more.EDIT: OK so I bought two more. The Woodland pattern one was just great. Same lightweight ripstop material. Same loose fit but the depth of the hat was shallower to more closely fit my head, which I like. The ACU pattern I bought in the same order also had the same fitment and material, but one button was so loose the brim wouldn’t stay snapped, and one of the vents was only partially covered with mesh. Amazon took it right back no problem. I ordered another plain green like my first one reviewed above. This one was made with a thin non-ripstop material nearly identical to the ‘extended-use’ hat I discussed above. It also was more form-fitting to my head and this one was less generous in its diameter. I can see it shrinking fairly tight like my old one.Conclusion: these are cheap hats well suited to their intended purpose as light weight covers in hot weather. I expect they are made from whatever materials the mfr can get hold of cheap in a given month. If you get a loose one made of ripstop you are golden. If not you’re still good… and after all its a cheapie hat so cheap you can buy 3 or 4 and toss one in a backpack, one in the trunk of each car etc. Me I shave my head and live in a hot climate so the skinhead always wears a hat or bad things happen. These hats are great for that.

Fantastic Glue

There are MANY glues out there for the consumer but most are very specific in what they will and will not stick too. Plus most consumer glues have a hard time forming a strong bond to vinyl and other flexible and/or slick surfaces. E-6000 is the exception to the rule in that it seems to form a strong bond with just about every surface including flexible and smooth ones. The secret is that when it dries it becomes a very very very stiff/thick taffy like substance that is flexible but also gives strong adhesion to just about everything. Unfortunately there are some draw backs/side effects. The glue works so well do to a solvent chemical commonly used in dry cleaning that is fairly toxic. As such there’s a whole host of warnings on the package about the dangers of breathing the fumes and accidentally digesting the product which can cause liver/kidney damage. Although I love this glue, the biggest problem I have is with the fumes. The product fully sets in 12-72 hours depending on the weather/conditions but the fumes will be with you long after that. I glued something almost a month ago and although I only used about 1/4 of a teaspoon of E-6000 its still giving off a smell within a few inches. And if the glued item is placed in a closed container or bag the smell will build up so when you go to open it you’ll briefly get a strong smell again until it dissipates. Eventually I hope it disappears completely but just so people know the smell of this glue can take several weeks to go away – something not common with most glues after they’ve dried. Because of the nature of the glue I would not recommend it for children, would wear gloves when handling it and make sure you have a separate place for glued items to air out for a few days (garage/unoccupied room w/open windows) to give a chance for the fumes to go down.

Awesome T-Shirts For Men

The difference between this model and the lighter Fruit of the Loom Men’s 4 pack crew T-Shirts that Fruit of the Loom offers is like night and day. I am not knocking the lighter weight model, but these are beefier and, well, actually luxurious against my skin.What I love is the tagless design, which adds to the comfort. The colors are vivid and stay that way. I usually purchase mine locally and have some of these that have gone through thirty wash cycles and they almost zero fade. Another thing I love is the relatively thick cotton fabric. Compared to the lighter ones I mentioned, these are noticeably heavier, but still breathe on hot, humid days. I wear this model both as an outer shirt, and as an under shirt, and it works well in both scenarios. If you are interested there is more information such as a sizing chart for these t shirts located here.Stitching, and seams are strong and straight, so the workmanship is solid. Although they are pre-shrunk I recommend ordering the next size up if you are borderline between sizes. Also, after ten or so wash cycles the inside printed label fades to the point that you have to look at the seams to determine if they are right side out or not. Other than those minor issues these are a real value and exceptionally well made. I would also like to thank this website for giving me an amazing deal on these t shirts, 100% recommended to anyone looking for some nice t shirts!

Detailed Review. More to come.

Excellent TV for the Price!I want to first clarify some points others have been making in the reviews on this TV. It IS indeed 120hz, the person who left that review obviously had no idea what they were talking about. I’ve seen people dock it stars for the lack of smart functionality. This is not a smart TV. It has a basic,navigable, and responsive menu. I have also seen docked stars for lack of ports. The site plainly lists how many ports the TV has, it’s your own fault if you expected it to have more.I have something plugged into every port on this TV, except the USB port (I have no need).Xbox 360 plugged into the Component inputs (old style 360), WD Media Player into 1 HDMI, and a future HDMI cable already run for my future Xbox One. I also have standard coax cable hooked up to this TV as well. This is all I need the TV for, which is why I went with this one vs a TV with more options since budget was an issue.I haven’t yet tweaked with the picture settings yet, but plan to and I hope to update this review when I do.Pros:-Beautiful display. My friends have commented on it’s sharpness, color, and thin bezel. Minimal glare, if any in my setup.-Absolutely perfect response time. I am a very heavy gamer, and this works great for FPS and fast response games. If you plan on using this for any game console, this is your TV.-Absolutely no ‘soap opera’ effect.-Color and Blacks have been very impressive. My previous LCD LG (i think 09 model) would go to ‘lit black’ on dark scenes, kind of like an extremely dark grey. I would say this TV is as close to real color and contrast as you can get.-Nice sized remote, not a wii type.-This TV does have a physical power button on the bottom, that is kind of like a joystick you can navigate a mini menu. Cool feature.-Optical out, which I also use with a Soundbar/Wireless sub-woofer.-True 16:9. Fits fully on the screen, no black bars.Cons:-Wall mount issues. I have this TV wall mounted with the popular Cheetah mount on Amazon. If i could go back I’d choose a different wall mount. The ports on this TV are basically right in the middle of the back in the TV, right where the brackets for a wall mount go across. The Xbox 360. Coax, and HDMI fit, but BARELY. They are pressed hard into their slots from the bracket of the wall mount, and take hard right angles. Terrible design for the ports, I wish they were the waterfall type.-I expected the built in speakers to be a little better, but I’m being pretty picky here. I only listened for about 10 mins before I hooked up my quality Soundbar just to test.Other thoughts:-I did have a negative experience with shipping this TV. took 2 weeks to get here via prime, and then the delivery driver entered our home with my young teenage sister, and forced her to help unbox the TV to make sure it worked. She called me at work and I rushed home. He was in desperate need of a shower and a haircut, and I forced him to leave. He also lifted the TV out of the box, the opposite of how it’s meant to be unboxed (TV drops out the bottom, box comes out on top). Terrible vendor shipment, I blame Amazon for this, not the product or manufacturer. Probably my first negative experience with Amazon shipping something.-You will need another person to help wall mount, if you plan to. Math and measuring required, bring your thinking cap.-I would highly recommend this TV to anyone looking for a budget upgrade with not all the ‘thrills, apps or 3D gimmicks’. I sit about 12 feet from this TV, and that is about perfect for games and very ideal for TV and Movies.If you have any other detailed questions feel free to comment, I try and look at my reviews from time to time to help others make good purchasing decisions!

A Reliable Review

I first bought a Razor scooter when they were at peak-popularity (in about 2001, in upstate NY; when I was in third grade…). That’s what every kid wanted in 2000: a Razor scooter, Poke’mon Cards, a Poo-Chi(which I wouldn’t recomend, the moisy little thing!) and a GameBoy Color!So, when Bradley’s was going out of buisness in January 2001, I took all my Christmas money to the clearence sale. My dad said he’d buy me and my little sister one thing, but we had to buy the rest. Guess what he bought? The $79 scooter! (I remember the price vividly……It was red and shiny, ready for the road…..well the sidewalk anyway. The snow kinda intefered with the whole scooter thing, so I took to riding around kitchen and dining room in a loop. My new Big Mouth Billy Bass sitting on sensor mode so every time I roded by it sang. My Dad loved that! LOLSoon after my sister wanted one. She was about six when she got her’s the next year. It was blue and had a carry strap. I was so jealous! Mine didn’t have a strap!When my cousin was seven, he was borrowing ours all the time. So, for his eighth birthday he opened a clear and black scooter, then gave my sister such a big hug that he knocked her over!My scooter is five years old now. It’s still in one piece. The brakes still work, the handle cusions are still there, but are no longer as soft as the day I bought it. The folding hinges could use some WD40, but still work. And all after almost daily riding, for five summer’s.I have encountered the problems of those with bad reviews. For the loose pole, all you need is screwdriver. For the crooked wheel, just put the wheel against something hard, or both of your feet (where shoes). This is a quick fix. To get it to stay just tighten the top hexagon bold with an Alan Wrench. Works everytime for me, my sister, and my cousin.My sister’s is in better shape than mine, but my cousin’s isn’t. He kinda left it outside all winter……….need I go any farther? It still works and rides well, but the handle padding is gone. Oh well….he doesn’t care, as long as it works.Today we buy a fourth scooter for my cousin Kiaya. I hoping it’s purple. My favorite color, but hey-I already got one! (When I got mine thay didn’t make a purple one :- (Long Live the Razor Scooter!AW

Good if the Price is Right

I have many different brands of these light in both orange and purple; I don’t have this specific brand, but for the most part they are all the same (unless they’re LED which are much brighter and come in 60 light strands which are equivalent to 100 of these lights). The price of these in stores are currently (2012) $3.50 a box (100 light strands), I bought some of these yesterday at Target for that price. In previous years they’ve been $2.00 a box and last year $2.99 a box (however they were only 70 light strands). The brands may very from store to store, but whatever you do DON’T BUY THEM AT PARTY ORIENTED STORES!!! (ie. Party City, etc.) They will cost substantially more and I have found that they sometimes are even worse, more space between the lights, larger boxes for same amount of lights, just harder to store and that same strand has only been half lit for years only 50/100 lights work, tried replacing fuses and pushing in all the lights on the strand, still won’t fully work, got maybe a year or two out of it with all 100 lights fully working. Target offers fair prices and now this year they are selling 100 light strands for just $0.50 more than last year for 70 light strands. Also pay attention to which brands wear faster, the brand Target has been selling the past few years seem to be easily weathered, the purple is significantly wearing off, but the new brand that Target is selling this year (2012) looks much more promising. Overall just make sure you are getting a good price.