Essential tools that are hard to improvise

If I hadn’t seen it for myself, I wouldn’t have believed that so much essential survival gear could have been included in such a tiny package as the grenade survival kit. But it’s all there in a compact little package that’s only about 3″x1¾”x¾” plus the carabiner. My wife and I don’t watch a lot of TV, but the one show we never miss is Survivor (okay, there’s Big Bang Theory, too). They let each of the Survivor contestants bring a small personal item with them, but I doubt if they would let them bring one of these – it would give them too much of an advantage!You can see the 7′ of paracord that’s attached to the carabiner, but everything else is inside wrapped in aluminum foil. As tempting as it is to unwrap the cord and check out the contents, the product description wisely cautions against doing this, since it’s very unlikely that you’ll be able to get everything back together. If you’re that curious, there’s a YouTube video showing a kit being unwrapped. Of course, I wanted to do it myself, so I did a short video of disassembling one. Even after taking the grenade apart, I was impressed with how much stuff they were able to cram into such a small package. As the product description says, the kit includes an assortment of the essential tools that are hardest to improvise in the wild.Notes on disassembling the kit:1. I measured the length of paracord at 7′-9″.2. The aluminum foil that’s uncovered when the cord is unbraided is only a wrapping – removing it will likely tear it, so it can be discarded. It’s not the usable foil that’s in the kit.3. The usable foil in the kit measured 15″x11″. I can think of a number of possible uses, but it would also serve as a signaling mirror.4. Be careful when removing the two fish hooks – the barbs may be sticking out of the thin wrapping foil.At my age and physical condition, I’m afraid my wilderness hiking and camping days are over, but if I was still doing these outdoor activities, I would definitely toss one or two of these survival kits in my backpack.A product sample was provided for review purposes.

Like having a personal masseuse at your beck and call!

A physical therapist recommended buying a foam roller when I complained of stiffness and back tightness. In all honesty, I imagined this would be on of those gadgets that are sold on infomercials that would be a waste of money and soon be gathering dust under the bed. My skepticism couldn’t have been more mistaken. There’s evidently a whole science of trigger points in the body that when massaged firmly, produce immediate therapeutic results. I don’t know the biology involved, but all I know it that using this roller even just for a few minutes is unbelievably relaxing and calming. I primarily just use it for my back especially after a long day at work. It usually produces the reassuring “pop” sounds in my vertebra that seem to relieve pressure. Just a few passes over it lying on my back also massages the muscles from the neck to the lower back. Alternately, it has a muscle relaxing effect also on the buttox with even just a minute of rolling over it with your body weight. The same for the thighs and calves. Maybe i sound like an infomercial shill here, but this is probably the single fastest and most effective way to relieve stress almost instantly, short of having a personal masseuse available at a moment’s notice. The roller is a very firm foam covered with a vinyl-like surface. Some rollers have deeper more severe ridges for a deeper massage, and I did sample those but for me this design seems ideal. I travel regularly, and have even sacrificed precious suitcase space to take this along to use in my hotel room at the end of a cramped and stressful flight. Forgive my manic raving, but I’d give this 10 stars if possible!

A Classic

Chances are that you’ve already played Monopoly once or twice in your life, so I’ll skip most of the well known details such as it’s a great game for 4 or more players both old and young. Anyways the quality of the board and game pieces are about the same as previously released Monopoly boxes. The only big differences are the new cat token and the speed die as well as new rules related to it. My guess is that the speed die was introduced since the most common complaint about Monopoly is that the game takes too long to finish. However you really don’t need the speed die if you played using the official rules involving property auctions. Specifically, if a player lands on property and fails to buy it, that property immediately goes to public auction for all the players to bid on with a minimum starting bid price that is way below the normal property selling price. This makes the game finish much faster.Personally, I find it more enjoyable to play the themed versions of Monopoly though they tend to cost more (even though most of the time, the rules are the same and the differences are just cosmetic):Monopoly: South Park Collector’s EditionFuturama Monopoly Collector’s EditionMonopoly The Simpsons EditionSpongeBob Squarepants Edition MonopolyMonopoly Hello KittyMonopoly Family GuyStar Wars The Clone Wars MonopolyIf you can find them and you like playing Monopoly a lot, the better quality sets are better as well. They have nicer looking and more durable game pieces. Of course, they cost more as well.

Why shop on queue when you can grab the best voucher discounts relaxing at home

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Codes to discount

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Only pros and no cons

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The Best Garbage Can!

Ok I’ve has this trash can for a couple of months now. I wanted to live with it before I reviewed it. I have this inside, in the kitchen, because it does look that nice, and I like a big trash can that I don’t have to empty every 2 days. I love the overall look, the way the lid holds the bag in place, the way the lid locks if you need it. Now this is what I HATE….when I take the full bag out, it’s a struggle, and the bag usually rips because the inside is not smooth, it has ridges made into the resin that catch the full bag and rip it as you pull. If they could make the inside smooth, this would be the absolutely perfect trash can. And I know, you could put less trash in it so the bag wouldn’t be so full and push against the inside as you try to take it out…..but that kind of defeats the purpose of having a large trash can, doesn’t it? You use a large trash can because you want it to hold a lot of trash so you have to empty it less often and use fewer bags. I do have an idea on how to fix this, and I’ll be trying it out probably in the next few days. I’m either going to cut 4 pieces of either cardboard or flat plastic, and tape it to the 4 inside walls to make them smooth. It won’t change the capacity, and it should make the shredded bag problem go away. But should I have to do this, or should it just be made that way? With just a little more real world testing, it should have been obvious to the company that it tears the bags when the bag is full. Oh well, nothing is perfect…….UPDATE 5/20/14……I have fixed the inside of the trash can so it no longer rips the bags! Here’s what you do. I went to wally world, and got a cardboard box, it’s in the packing supply section. The size you need is 14 by 14 by 14, it comes folded flat, it’s 68 cents. When you open it, it fits almost perfectly down into the inside of the trash can. You do have to wiggle it a bit, as it’s not quite exactly the same size, but it fits great when you get it all the way in. Then just trim the top of the box so it’s just inside the lid so it will close, and there you go, the bags just slide right out, no matter how full! You’re welcome lol!!

Knew what size to buy thanks to other reviewers

This is the awesome web store where i found and bout this tunic. Click the link to chekc them out!

Posting a review to follow-up on sizing discrepancies and thank other reviewers for their comments. I’m 5’4″@140lbs and purchased 2 of these shirts. Overall, I’m pleased with my purchases and the large sizes that I received. I prefer a non-clingy type of style and still carry the “mommy” belly that just won’t go away.Be advised that the shoulder area is tight and sits further back than normal. It tugs a bit and the sleeves are snug for a large. I’m not sure what to say about the design. It doesn’t feel or look like a tent. I wear both the red and the wine colors with black leggings and black leather boots. The look would be equally ok with skinny jeans, etc. The off center darts with a longer fabric pull the eye away from your mid-section. I’m good with that design.Besides the snugness of the neck, shoulder and sleeves, please pay attention to the type of FABRIC you’re purchasing. These shirts pick up every little hair, string, fuzzy, you name it! If you want to look put together all the time, carry a lint brush in your purse. Also, wash separately the first time in cold water and hang to dry!!! If you put in a dryer, go with the air-dry cycle. I’ve ironed my shirts on a low-cotton setting to get the wrinkles out and they really look sharp.

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It is safe to use this service. None of your personal information is collected. It is always a wise decision to read the terms that are included with the discount code that you are going to be using. By doing so, you will understand what to do in case you are not satisfied with your purchase. Many companies will offer a full refund or the chance to exchange items that you are not satisfied with. Each company has their own set of rules, so researching in advance is always the wisest option. After you use the service that will allow you to receive discounts, you may decide to eliminate some stress from life and do all of your clothes shopping from home. In a short amount of time, you will see that you have saved a considerable amount of money with the shopping deals that you have found.

Start Your Journey Towards A Healthier Life

If you have never used products made of natural ingredients in the past, you may be interested to know as much as you can about them before you actually place your initial order. Thanks to the Internet, you can get all the information you want in a few minutes. For instance, you will realize that when someone mentions these products, they refer to various foods, mineral and vitamin supplements, as well as nutrition products, herbal products and even all kinds of cosmetics. The crucial thing to remember is that you can use any of these products without fearing the consequences. This is especially important if you have already had an unfortunate experience with medications and drugs that you have previously taken. So, instead of visiting a doctor and waiting to have new pills prescribed, you can be the one in full control over your body and health. Before you purchase your first natural health product, you need to know that there are many distributors and stores that sell them. What this means is that you will come across various options at different prices. It’s crucial to make sure that you don’t get less than you pay for. Take your time and get as much information as you can about the store or the distributor of health products you are interested in. If they meet all your criteria, you can place your order without thinking twice. The moment you do that, you will have made the most important step on your journey towards a healthier life.

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These shoes ARE Leather (regarding the stamp inside)

I received mine today, and like another reviewer, I tripped out about the stamp inside the shoes stating, “MAN MADE UPPER, BALANCE MAN MADE”. Oh, I was FUMING!!! Anywhere you look online (Clarks website, OnlineShoes, Amazon, etc. . .) these shoes are described and sold as being made of LEATHER. It even states on the outside of the shoebox, “SUGAR SPICE, BLACK LEA, CUIR NOIR”. Not only was I outraged at what I thought was false advertising (who wants to buy polyurethane at leather prices?!), but I am also extremely picky about my shoes, and I CANNOT STAND fake leather.Well, I counted to 10, calmed myself down and started examining the shoes more closely. I even sniffed the uppers repeatedly to see if I could detect that classic leather smell, which I faintly could. This is a very smooth, lightweight, sleek leather (though not patent) even in comparison to that of other Clarks shoes I own, such as the Ingalls Atlantic, which is virtually identical with only a whisper less of a sleek feel and a touch more weight. In all ways, these shoes displayed the same high quality and attention to detail as any other Clarks shoes I have worn.So I called the company to ask what was up with the stamp. Turns out, sometimes “MAN MADE UPPER” is confusingly stamped inside some of their leather shoes. The representative was highly knowledgeable and patient in answering my questions, and he more than reassured me that the uppers of these shoes are made of full-grain cowhide leather. He also shared that Clarks is one of the last companies out there who still makes their shoes by hand rather than on an assembly line. The material for each shoe is hand-cut, and all stiching and construction of each shoe is performed by one person from start-to-finish. He stated that the stamp may simply be indicating this technique and/or some other materials of the upper, such as the goring or stitching. So yes, the stamp has caused a good bit of confusion. But according to my findings, THESE ARE LEATHER SHOES. ;) . . .Hope this helps.Oh, and like any other Clarks shoes I have worn, these are highly attractive shoes with outstanding comfort, stability, traction and support. My shoe size gravitates between a 9M (in most heels) and a 9.5M (in most flats). I got a 9M in these shoes. They are true to size and width, and they are ready to wear right out of the box without any breaking in. I find no areas of discomfort in them anywhere. The heel, itself, is right at 2 and 1/8″, which gives just the right amount of height to be worn with dressy/career trousers. All of these qualities are a MUST for me to be properly attired and confident on my feet for about 10 hours straight. . .quick-stepping around the treacherous corners of a dog show ring. ;) I don’t think they are terribly cute worn with a dress or a skirt (maybe color-matched tights would help???), but they and my other Clarks shoes are basically the most perfect shoes I have found to wear with dressy/career trousers when I have to be sure-footed.

Great Product!

After trying on over a dozen shape wear items (for under my wedding dress) including thigh slimmers and waist nippers with & without attached underwear, etc. this was the clear winner. Here’s why it’s good for me, if you are similar it’s good for you too:I am 5’9″ 140 lb. I got the medium.1. No rolling! sitting, standing, no rolling.2. Creates a smooth silhouette, no sudden indents, no fat roll spilling out the top.3. No tugging, it’s snug enough to stay in place.4. It’s shaped like an hourglass so it pulls in more at the narrowest part of you waist, total enhancement of that beautiful shape.5. Covers a good amount- I have a longer torso and it goes from a little under the bust to the top pelvis bones (the product photo is fairly accurate, though I think I had it pulled up a little higher). Somehow it even perks the bust up a bit.6. Perfect under the dress b/c you can wear any type of underwear so using the bathroom won’t be a major ordeal.7. While the fabric is incredible strong it isn’t super thick like many long-line bras so it is cooler under the dress and truly thins you out.8. It isn’t ugly. I have a reasonably thin, nice figure and much of the shape wear I tried on was actually unflattering on me and ugly as a garment.9. It actually feels good to wear. I really feel it is pulling me in and smoothing me out without anything digging in, riding up, or spilling out.Shape wear should be snug. You should feel a good deal of compression, so I do recommend ordering your true size. This is a great product. I could see using it after the wedding as well under other dresses and nice clothes.