3 Ideas for Cufflinks for Your Groomsmen

Cufflinks may seem like the average groomsmen gift, but there are so many awesome new cufflinks that this old favorite has been reinvented. Every groomsman is different, but they will almost always need a unique set of cufflinks to show off to their friends. Here are three unique ideas to spice up your traditional groomsmen gift.

Steampunk is Taking Over

Steampunk themed everything is popping up everywhere. From personalized steampunk flasks to steampunk phone covers and corsets. Get the groomsmen cufflinks that are original and classic with a touch of steampunk. Metal gears and old vintage workings make something new look seriously steampunk. The most popular option is cufflinks that look like the interworking of an old clock. Steampunk is in, but make sure the groomsmen you’re buying for are digging the trend.

Legos are Sticking

This may seem silly, but they are one of the most popular options for fun cufflinks. They look like the mini Legos, and come in a variety of colors from the typical yellow, starling blue, or even a hot pink version. What man didn’t play with Legos as a little boy? Bring back their childish enthusiasm with some fun and creative cufflinks that will make them really stand out.

They Will Marvel at Marvel

There is an abundance of Marvel characters and their symbols on cufflinks. Etsy is a great place to look; you can find Ironman, or the raging Hulk. You can even the Joker and some cufflinks that read legen-dary. Marvel is really taking off, and you see it everywhere. You may be able to get away with Star Wars storm troopers as well if the groomsmen are as obsessed with Star Wars as the average guy. The geekier, the better.

Finding a cufflink to agree on for all the guys may be difficult, so go ahead and personalize. Maybe the guy would appreciate the symbol of his military branch, or just a simple monogram of his initials. Individualize the cufflinks to meet the need of hour groomsmen and they won’t be disappointed when they show off their new Batman cufflinks at the office.

Beautiful cherry color dresser for the bedroom

I spent weeks trying to find a crib/dresser matching set that I liked. I wanted to purchase a dresser that could also be used as a changing table. Changing tables seem like such a waste of money since you only want to use them while your child is little. With this dresser I can put a changing pad on top and then my child can use it as a dresser until she leaves home!I purchased the dresser in the cherry espresso color and loved it! It still has the dark color of espresso with a tint of red. I think it is gorgeous! I also purchased the “Delta Canton 4 in 1 Crib” in Cherry Espresso Delta Canton 4-in-1 Convertible Crib, Espresso Cherry. I was worried that since the drawer was called “Delta Eclipse” in Cherry Espresso that the colors may not match but they matched perfectly! I would highly recommend the crib as well.I was a little worried about the size of the dresser because I couldn’t find the dimensions but it is the perfect size for my baby’s room! It is 48 1/2 inches wide, 20 1/4 inches deep, and 34 1/2 inches tall. Perfect size for a changing table on top plus a basket or small lamp or something at the other end.The six drawers are of good size as well. They are 20 1/2 inches wide and 6 1/2 inches deep. They slide open easily and don’t shut too quickly for fingers to get caught in them. You can read more about this by clicking here.My father and husband put the dresser together and they thought it was fairly easy to put together if you just follow the instructions. Everything they needed to put it together was included. The only thing they added was at their own decision. They decided to use glue on all the joints to make it even stronger so the dresser will last even longer. (If you do this be sure to not use too much glue. Be sure to wipe away any access glue.)My father would be considered a very handy man. He has put together several dressers and other items in his day. He said that this was one of the sturdiest dressers he had put together in a long time and that the materials were very high quality. He and I are very confident that the dresser will last for a long time.Overall, this is an excellent dresser! If you are a parent, that is looking to purchase a dresser for your child that is both beautiful and not over priced this is the dresser for you! It looks just as nice if not nicer than the $500 dressers I was looking at in the store and I got this dresser for only $200. A great price for an item that appears it will last for years to come! I love that it matched the crib I purchased for $200 as well. So I got a great set that looks amazing for a combined price of what I would have had to pay in a fancy store for one of them.

Voucher Codes UK that discounts every bill amount to ease all expenses

Codes to decode discounts

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Now discount every bill amount without asking

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Online bookings to simplify all worries

Many a times people face a lot of issues getting booking is reputed and most favored restaurants during the festive seasons and even they get the bookings done, it has to be done a much higher rate. This festive season online restaurants bookings would not only make restaurants bookings easier but also restaurant voucher codes would discount their bill amount. Since these discount voucher codes are readily available, they some genuine issues faced by the customers completely at ease. So don’t worry and simply avail the voucher codes UK online and celebrate festive season as per your wish

I Really Like The Rolex Submariner Watches

The other day I was checking out some new watches because the last one failed me after I took it to the beach. I didn’t want to have to buy a new watch, but now I’m thinking about getting a Rolex. Although they are quite expensive, the Rolex submariner watches have always intrigued me. Never thought I would spend that amount of money on a watch, but if it works well and last me my entire life then it is definitely worth the high price tag. The watch is really beautiful and I can’t wait to own one!

Light-weight, Comfortable and So So So WARM ! :)

I usually wear Size S for most of tops and bottoms, but I order size M for these thermal sets as they recommended. I’m 5’6”, 120 lbs. I tried them on immediately after I received the package. The length of the top doesn’t fit as I expected, but well designed to be wear under clothes. The length of the top and sleeves are kind of short, but the good thing is, this allows me to hide it under any of my jackets/sweaters/hoodies. The length of the bottom is just right for me. The waist of the pants didn’t give me a loose fit as most size M does, but I didn’t feel uncomfortable at all. Both top and bottom are stretchy. No problem to wear them to sleep.I wear the bottom underneath my pants a few days ago when it’s lower than 35 F degree outside. They were so warm and comfortable. I can’t believe these light-weight thermal pants can make such a huge difference. I have bought them for a white, but only wear them in the house, and didn’t realize they could be so warm until that day. I purchased 4 more sets right after I got home, and would give 2 sets to my mom.Overall, I’m so glad I found this product. They don’t make me feel too hot when I wear them to sleep and with heat open. They warm me up when the outside temperature drops down. Highly recommended for all ladies. Great quality at a fair price. Just don’t forget to order 1 size up <The waist of the pants runs 1-2 sizes smaller, other parts of the pants run true to size. The size of the top probably run half size smaller.

Amazing juicer!!

***Review Update (21/11/10):I’ve been using this juicer everyday for over one year now, and it’s still running strong. I have no idea how some other reviewer said they had their auger chipping. All of my omega 8006′s parts are still in new quality after over a year of juicing daily. This auger is the strongest material I’ve ever seen in a juicer. You would have to juice bricks to see that chip, and I’ve juiced tons of the hardest vegetables without any problems with my auger.I’ve done many cleansing and juice fasting programs with my omega 8006, and it’s been a life saver. It has literally been a life saver when I was extremely sick with pneumonia and had to go through surgery. I couldn’t eat, but thankfully I had my family juice me fresh fruit and vegetable juices canned in jars to the hospital. To be honest I don’t think they would have juiced me so many cans of juice if I had my older juicer, which took forever to clean.I also remember a time when I had all 4 wisdom tooth removed and I couldn’t eat. I felt extremely weak and tired, but thank god my omega juicer is so easy to juice and clean, even in that state I made my own juices.Now for a real review of the juicer: I believe a juicer is one of the single most valuable investment one can make in their lives. With a 15 year warranty, and with such a low price compared to the super expensive “high end” juicers that take an hour to juice and clean, I would definitely buy this again a hundred times over. The time it takes to juice and clean varies with what you are juicing, but for me it is approximately 2-10 minutes. Every morning I start my day with an orange and apple juice with some superfood. The juicing process of my morning juice is so fast and easy, it takes about 2 minutes. I can clean and put my juicer back together in under 30 seconds. Try to do this with your $1000 juicer that juices slightly better quality greens.This juicer really shines on leafy greens like kale, wheatgrass, and spinach. It also is great with carrots and beet roots. It can juice anything, but it seems to have some trouble with certain soft fruits. Though things like oranges will juice extremely well leaving a dry pulp.I really am still impressed at the taste and quality of my juice from this juicer. At 80 RPM’s, it really saves all the vitamins, minerals and enzymes of the fruit and vegetables, and you can really see the color shine in the juice.I think the only reason I use this juicer daily is because the process is extremely fast. I never have a day when I am too tired to juice in the morning. I have more energy and vibrant health than ever before. I am extremely satisfied with my juicer and recommend this to everyone who is health conscious and is looking for a very good quality and efficient juicer.(*Old Review):I’ve been juicing daily for a while now, but unfortunately I could only afford a centrifugal juicer. My juicer was the Waring Pro, which made decent juice for the cheap price of the juicer. Though the pulp was almost always wet, and greens would always come out as chunks. Still, some juice is always better than no juice.I just recently received my Omega 8006, and WOW I was so glad to have done my research. It really is good as they say. The pulp is bone dry, extracts quality juice, quiet, and low rpms which saves most of the enzymes of the fruits and vegetables. The centrifugal I had ran at probably 8000 RPM’s which literally kills most of the enzymes of the produce.Another thing I noticed was the color and taste of the juice when juicing from the omega. I did not know orange juice is supposed to have so many flavours. From the centrifugal it just tasted like sugar water. Wow it was amazing when I tasted my first orange juice. The color was darker and brighter and it just tasted SO GOOD!Last thing is about clean up, I can literally take it apart, clean it, and put it back within the minute. Extremely fast clean up, nothing messy about it.This is definitely worth the money for 15 years of warranty

Overall, great bouncy seat and great for a newborn

Great infant/newborn seat! My daughter is now 4 months old and we still use her seat very often. She practically lived in it during her first few weeks!!We tried several different seats, none of them were as soft or cradled and supported a newborn (and her head) as well. Also, every other seat we looked at had a thin strap for between the legs, which seemed so uncomfortable. The Snug-a-bunny has a wide crotch strap made of plush, soft material. It’s easy to bounce and as she got older and started kicking alot, she learned to bounce it herself. I love that the body support cushoin easily comes out for washing (and it washes well, we make sure to hang dry it though.)Assembly was pretty easy, although it took some effort to stretch the material over the metal frame. Instructions were easy to follow. I do wish it folded or came apart into two pieces easily so that travelling with it was easier; it’s not heavy, just bulky.The vibrate turns off after 20mins or so, and I think the music is about the same (she doesn’t like the music, we don’t use it) This helps save batteries but make sure to turn the switch off, too, otherwise batteries will drain quicker. However, the short vibrate cycle did cause our baby to wake up from naps as soon as it turned off. For us, batteries have lasted a long time, only changed them twice in 4 months. This is good because it takes three D batteries ($$$$!!!).Overall, I’m very pleased with this baby shower gift and I hope to use it until our baby is more mobile or can sit independently. She still fits in it just fine and she’s 14lbs and almost 25 inches. Would definetly recommend this product.

Don’t listen to other reviews about sizing-go to Sorel site and use that size measurement!

I made the mistake of ordering 2 sizes up for both my girls based on other reviews stating to “size up 2 sizes” to accommodate socks. They are GIGANTIC. There is no way even with the thickest wool or blend socks, that these would fit, unless I’d put 5 pairs on each foot! It would’ve been comical if it hadn’t been such a disappointment, as we have fresh snow outside and cold toes excited to play!I originally sized both girls’ feet using the chart on Sorel’s website, then added 2 sizes as suggested. Save yourself the trouble and spend the 5 minutes to print Sorel’s chart and measure your kids’ feet before ordering. My experience with all shoe charts has been that they allow for a bit of “wiggle room.” I usually wear a women’s size 7.5 or 8, and I wear a 7.5 W in a classic Sorel Caribou, with more than enough room for 2 thick pairs of wool socks if needed…which you won’t thanks to the awesome felt liner.So, these are going back for my kids’ true sizes. Otherwise: great value. Very well made boot. I have worn Sorels all my life both in AK and in the Pac NW. The wool felt lining is unbeatable. These children’s boots have a flexible sole, more so than on other styles by Sorel that I’ve looked at in local stores. The adjustable velcro hits just above the ankle so you can tailor the fit, and the toggle at top allows you to cinch the boot down for a secure fit and to hold out snow. Plus, the color is darling (Juicy/Cool Grey)…more of a magenta pink & vivid purple than my monitor showed. I would say this color is more “girlish” if you were thinking it was a true red/blue…it is not. Fingers crossed that the true sizes fit better!

Underwear – I’ve been doing it wrong.

Growing up as a youngster, I wore the classic Hanes tighty whities. When I got to 7th grade, and had to change for gym class that became socially unacceptable. So, I switched to Tommy Hilfiger boxer briefs, and basked in my new found ballsack comfort and locker room swag.Unknowingly and unfortunately as a creature of habit, I stuck with this make and model of underwear for the next 20 years. I thought, underwear are all pretty much the same, what could I be missing?Well, friends, I’m here to admit that there have been significant upgrades to underwear in the past 2 decades, all of which I have been woefully ignorant of. After a long, hot, humid summer I finally got tired of wearing what felt like a wet diaper under my business suit. Sweat and 100% cotton with wool pants are not a great combination for comfort. Something had to be done, so I looked for some popular styles on Amazon, and settled on these Calvin Klein Men’s Micro Modal Boxer Briefs. They are made of “modal”, which is some kind of hybrid between rayon and cotton, that results in a silky smooth, lightweight, breathable, stretchy material. The result is a pair of underwear that cling to you like spandex, feel soft like silk, and are as cool as a cucumber. My suit pants don’t bunch up anymore, I stay cooler, don’t sweat as much, and feel more comfortable.I feel like I’ve entered the 21st century of underwear, and wanted to share incase any other guys like me haven’t given this crucial piece of clothing enough thought and attention. They aren’t cheap, but if you watch for sales you can get them for about $16 a pair, and are worth every penny.I only hope they last…

Tested much better at keeping cold than a standard bottle.

Well, I saw the other reviews and decided to buy 5 of these for a trip to Hawaii with the family. I received them today and they weren’t exactly what I had expected. The outside is a frosted clear plastic and the inside is a pure white hard plastic. Can’t tell if they are molded together or just pushed into one another. They don’t rotate so perhaps they are glued or fused in some way. There is a layer of air between them as well as what looks like a foil wrap or sock that has the words and coloring on it. The wrap is very loose fitting and looks rather cheap. However, I didn’t want to loose hope so I decided to come up with a test to see how well the double walled bottle worked, since, after all it was getting good reviews. I decided to pit it against a standard squeeze bottle that people normally put on a bicycle, and one of those hard plastic, wide screw mouth bottles that people are always carrying around work. I put 10 ice cubes in each of the bottles and left them in a hot room (between 85 and 90 degrees). I didn’t want the color to be a factor so they were not put in the sun. I waited until the hard plastic bottle’s ice had melted by about 1/2 then I proceeded to measure the amount of water in each of the bottles. The hard plastic bottle had 11 teaspoons, the standard squeeze bottle had 8 teaspoons and the polar bottle had 4 teaspoons. So from this I think it’s fair to say that the polar bottle was much better at keeping things cold than the others. The other thing I did was put a napkin under each of them. The polar bottle was the only one that didn’t get wet underneath. The other bottles both sweated quite a bit. I think the double wall would not have stopped the sweating so the foil liner must be adding some benefit of some kind. The foil, by the way, does go around the bottom of the bottle as well, not just the sides. Overall, I think it will work out well and I am going to bring them on our trip. I hope this helps others in their decision.