The Best Custom Coins from Northwest Territorial Mint

If you have ever considered taking up a collection as a hobby, you will find many people are interested in collecting coins. The Northwest Territorial Mint is a great place to find all sorts of coins. From custom coins to historical pieces, coins have a great amount of significance to seasoned collectors and first time buyers alike.  Not only are coins great for sentimental value, but they are a smart investment. If you are interested in a keepsake that will bring you joy for years to come, consider the benefits of getting involved with rare and custom coins.

Coins are a great investment. Many coins gain in value; they rarely depreciate. Metal prices tend to rise, even in an unpredictable, sometimes unstable economy. You can find many coins that are rare and beautiful. You can even collect coins that are custom made. Custom made coins from the Northwest Territorial Mint and coins that are from a certain time period or commemorate a certain event have a great amount of sentimental value. It’s exciting when a collector finds that perfect coin. Often times, coins have rich history behind them. They can reflect politics, society, and culture. The value of gold and silver are always increasing.

Precious metals have always been a wise investment. A coin collection is something you can pass on to your children. It’s also relaxing when you are looking through your collection, checking on your inventory, or looking for that one special coin. Collectors find a great deal of stress relief when getting immersed in their coin collection and use it as an opportunity to briefly get away from reality.

Custom Minting

Custom minting by the Northwest Territorial Mint is a way for you to get a custom coin with special meaning and value to you and a select group of people. To get the process started, you have to submit an order with a design or an idea. You will work with an artist that will make a special mold of your design.


Very Nice And Well Priced Bistro Set

This is a nice little 2 chair dinette set perfect for a breakfast nook, small apartment, or if you are like me and tend to move a lot, for easy moves. It’s a “leaf” table on two sides enabling the table to be shortened in diameter making it easier to fit thru doorways, but the diameter is already only 36 inches. The set is not as brightly colored in an overly white-beige tone as it appears in the photo, but rather a more wood tone, which worked better for me and was a better match for my wood floors. It is tightly packed in a slim box, the thin sheet of styrofoam protecting it will break into many little pieces making a mess on your floor. It has to be fully assembled, the legs are easy to place on the top, a little wrench is included to tighten it. For the chairs, the first takes about 20 minutes, the second, after learning the first, takes only about 15 minutes and an alan wrench is included to tighten the chairs. You can read more about this by Clicking Here. The only tool needed is a phillip’s screwdriver to fasten the seat top onto the chairs which is quite easy. Overall, a nice solid wood table, heavy in quality, and though the chairs don’t seem to be as heavy in quality as the table top, they turned out to be sturdy. A very nice set, I’m glad I decided on this one. I also would love to give this website a huge shoutout!

One month later…still extremely pleased

After finally getting sick and tired of all the crib recalls, we bought this crib on 6/25 for our now 1 year old from our go to online store. The outer box looked pretty rough when it got here but the manufacturers packaging inside the outer box provided by amazon was pristine. I read all the reviews about the crib arriving with scratching so I hawk-eyed every single inch of every piece of the crib. I found NO scratches. I did find 2 small imperfections in the wood itself which can only been seen when looking closely, but that comes with the territory when using real wood.Assembly directions were very easy to follow. It took us just under an hour to assemble. There is NO WAY to put this crib together by yourself, so don’t even try it. The only thing that will result is damage to the crib itself and probably a bad assembly risking your child’s life.My daughter is teething and I know some said the crib scratches very easily. She has marked up the wood on the front rail with her teeth but not through the coloring on the wood. It looks more like indentations. It’s really not noticeable unless you look closely but if this is a major issue for you, you might want to go with a crib that you can put guards on. You can read more about this crib by Clicking Here.I drove to every store and essentially looked at every crib out there. I was so worried about buying off the internet but the price was incentive enough to give it a shot. I can honestly say that the quality of this crib surpasses many of the $400 cribs I saw in the retail stores.

Great Pair Of Cleats For Women

I live in the Northeast corner of Iowa, where we generally see our first snowflake in October and the last in May. Due to the fact that we don’t live near a huge body of water and that we have an abundance of very strong winds, the ground here is often covered with a layer of ice for several months on end. I am not exaggerating when I say that one year I saw a wind sock freeze in a horizontal position and that I’ve seen the winds break window glass and knock over heavy cast iron garden furniture. You can find more out about this by Clicking Here.Further, my husband is a family practice physician who works in the Emergency Room of one of our local hospitals. There are a number of severe injuries every winter caused by people falling on ice in our part of the United States.I have never been very good at walking on ice – I grew up in Texas and even though I have spent 60% of my life living in Northern climates I have never quite adjusted to the balancing act required. Children love to watch me walk on ice without Stabilicers because to them it is terribly funny to see me creep about.I’ve tried a few different types of ice cleats over the past few years and must say that these Stabilicers are the best. I am so convinced of their merit that I have not only bought them for every member of my family (including my 86 year old mother) but have also bought them as gifts. I’ve been known to take them off my feet and press them upon pregnant friends.Stabilicers fit well, they grasp the ice firmly, and are easy to take on and off. My only warning is that you MUST take them off when you go inside. They can damage fine flooring and can be VERY slippery on linoleum, terrazo flooring, etc. If you are looking for this I would recommend checking out this shop.

Good replacement for discontinued Silvertab Baggy

I wear a size 31 x 34. I have found that most companies that make jeans, make some assumptions about you based on your waist. Most jeans that fit me in the waist choke me in the crotch and thighs. For years, Levi’s Silvertab Baggy jeans suited me well. They were comfortable and durable, but were a little too baggy. They also had a slightly tapered leg, a huge fashion faux pas.So… it was time to move on. And I’ve found a wonderful replacement in the Levi’s 559. They have a straight leg, they’re reasonably priced, and they look and feel great. They’re a little tighter in the leg and butt than the Silvertab Baggy which is a good thing for me. When I sit down the back of the waist doesn’t pooch out, which is also nice.I have found that different colors will fit and feel very different. I recently ordered “Range (2765)” and “Indie Blue (4258).” Both Levi’s 559′s, and both 31×34. The Range variety were made in Lesotho. They’re much looser in the waist and thighs and the denim fabric feels thicker. The Indie Blues were made in Vietnam. They’re tighter in the waist and thighs and the material is thinner and stretchier.I have had a hard time tracking the names of the colors versus the color code. That’s frustrating when you want to look at what’s in your closet and order the same thing. The jeans have the color code, but nowhere do they say the name of the color! When you go to order online, you get ONLY the name of the color and no color code. >:-( For some reason, Levi’s has never posted this information online. You can read more about the colors by Clicking Here.I called Levi’s 800 number and got the current list of colors along with their corresponding codes. Please note that the 559′s have existed in TWO different style codes. I have been assured that they are both EXACTLY the same cut/style. Those style numbers are 00559 and 62223. Levi’s calls the 62223 code “exclusive.” It means that it is manufactured for exclusive sale by a particular retailer. Sometimes, it will be a color that isn’t available elsewhere and in the cases I’ve seen, the 62223′s feature a leather label on the back, while the 00559′s have the traditional brown paper label. The last 62223′s I found were sold at the Levi’s flagship retail store in San Francisco’s Union Square in 2010. Incase you are wondering this is the store I bought my jeans from.It is worth noting that not all colors are sold in all sizes. So, if you can’t find your size, try another color

Solid, Heavy, and Very Handy as a Workspace

This is a ready-to-assemble, pressboard coffee table. If your expectations are set accordingly, this is the top of the line. Pressboard furniture, however, will never compare with solid-wood furniture in terms of durability and strength. With that caveat in mind, this is certainly one of the nicest, most solid pieces of pressboard furniture I have ever owned or assembled.Assembly is straightforward but time-consuming. All of the components are labeled, and the instructional manual is excellent. The only really challenging part was sliding on the thin veneers meant to add decorative complexity to the design (you can see one along the bottom of the left side panel in the picture). Those require some patience. Beyond that, as long as you have a second person and you take your time, the table can be comfortably assembled in two and a half hours. Give yourself plenty of room and plenty of light.Once assembled, the table is beautiful and extremely solid. It even has a hidden fifth leg in the center to add more strength to the design, and I suspect it needs it. This is a very heavy coffee table, much heavier than it looks. There is more information on the quality of this table located here.The top, however, raises effortlessly and makes for a perfect workspace while you’re sitting on the sofa. For some reason, Amazon does not have photos of what the top looks like when raised. It essentially becomes a raised desk, and I would encourage you to search for a few images of the expanded coffee table on the Internet. I will attach one as well.Even if you never use it as a desk, the table itself looks beautiful, and is a solid, practical piece with a decent amount of internal storage. In addition, the feet (so far) don’t seem to scuff our hardwood floor. I would caution that the edges of the top are a little sharper than I might like, especially if you have little ones running around. I would recommend going to this store if you plan on purchasing one of these.

SOOOOO Glad I bought this bag – It’s AWESOME!!

SOOOOO Glad I bought this bag – It’s AWESOME!!So it smells like leather..if it didn’t have the leather scent I would not have believed it to be real leather.That being said, the smell of new leather is strong. IT GOES AWAY. ALL REAL LEATHER HAS A STRONG SMELL WHEN YOU FIRST GET IT.I got my bag 3 days ago and once I put everything in it that I wanted, I put it on the table next to my couch. By the next day, the strong leather scent was gone.I would never, ever put leather in a washing machine..the leather would be ruined. Any Leather I have ever owned, <and I have a lot>, I’ve ALWAYS taken to be Dry Cleaned. Leather gets destroyed with regular water and soap.I LOVE this bag. It has 6 – YES – SIX compartments for you to put your things in.1. In the front of the bag there is a small zipper compartment that opens up to reveal a window pocket for ID’s and 3 pockets for Credit or Business Cards. I put my credit cards in those RFID Sleeves to protect them, and all my cards are in 3, and they fit perfectly! My Driver’s License, Military ID and a Medical Card fit perfectly in the ID Window.2. On top of that compartment is another zipper that opens up to a full open compartment. I put a metal tin of Mentos Candies and a small LED flashlight, with plenty of room for more!3. Above that is yet another zipper compartment with more room then I know what to do with!! I put a pen, my inhaler and a few small items in this one. <My hand all the way to my wrist, fits inside this one!>4. On the back of the bag, there is an opening that my IPhone 4s fits into perfectly, or you could put cigarettes if you smoke.5. Above that opening <no zipper> is a zipper compartment that fits my cell phone as well <I use this one for my cell so when I’m on the Harley I won’t worry about it falling out>, but you could put anything in it really..6. On the top of the bag is yet another zipper compartment, the main one. It’s the entire length and width of the bag. I have a small cosmetic bag and a small coin purse that holds everything I need it to hold.I like using cosmetic bags / coin purses or similar items in bags like this so nothing will stain / rip / ruin the interior. If I were to put everything in the main pocket, it would be hard to find what I’m looking for, so I just use little bags, and I know exactly where everything is! Simple really. I would recommend Clicking Here to find out more detailed information about this handbag.This “Small” Cross body bag is holding a TON of my things and you would NEVER know it has so much in it by looking at it. It’s not bulged out and none of the seams are stretched. This is a VERY WELL MADE bag with TONS of organization opportunities!Don’t like the smell of leather and can’t be patient enough to give it time to breathe, well that’s a shame because this really is a great bag at a great price!Priced well for being a genuine leather hand bag that you can wear across your body, or put on your shoulder as the shoulder strap is very adjustable!I recommend this online store and if I ever want or need anther – I’d come right back here to get one! VERY happy with my purchase!

3 Ideas for Cufflinks for Your Groomsmen

Cufflinks may seem like the average groomsmen gift, but there are so many awesome new cufflinks that this old favorite has been reinvented. Every groomsman is different, but they will almost always need a unique set of cufflinks to show off to their friends. Here are three unique ideas to spice up your traditional groomsmen gift.

Steampunk is Taking Over

Steampunk themed everything is popping up everywhere. From personalized steampunk flasks to steampunk phone covers and corsets. Get the groomsmen cufflinks that are original and classic with a touch of steampunk. Metal gears and old vintage workings make something new look seriously steampunk. The most popular option is cufflinks that look like the interworking of an old clock. Steampunk is in, but make sure the groomsmen you’re buying for are digging the trend.

Legos are Sticking

This may seem silly, but they are one of the most popular options for fun cufflinks. They look like the mini Legos, and come in a variety of colors from the typical yellow, starling blue, or even a hot pink version. What man didn’t play with Legos as a little boy? Bring back their childish enthusiasm with some fun and creative cufflinks that will make them really stand out.

They Will Marvel at Marvel

There is an abundance of Marvel characters and their symbols on cufflinks. Etsy is a great place to look; you can find Ironman, or the raging Hulk. You can even the Joker and some cufflinks that read legen-dary. Marvel is really taking off, and you see it everywhere. You may be able to get away with Star Wars storm troopers as well if the groomsmen are as obsessed with Star Wars as the average guy. The geekier, the better.

Finding a cufflink to agree on for all the guys may be difficult, so go ahead and personalize. Maybe the guy would appreciate the symbol of his military branch, or just a simple monogram of his initials. Individualize the cufflinks to meet the need of hour groomsmen and they won’t be disappointed when they show off their new Batman cufflinks at the office.

Beautiful cherry color dresser for the bedroom

I spent weeks trying to find a crib/dresser matching set that I liked. I wanted to purchase a dresser that could also be used as a changing table. Changing tables seem like such a waste of money since you only want to use them while your child is little. With this dresser I can put a changing pad on top and then my child can use it as a dresser until she leaves home!I purchased the dresser in the cherry espresso color and loved it! It still has the dark color of espresso with a tint of red. I think it is gorgeous! I also purchased the “Delta Canton 4 in 1 Crib” in Cherry Espresso Delta Canton 4-in-1 Convertible Crib, Espresso Cherry. I was worried that since the drawer was called “Delta Eclipse” in Cherry Espresso that the colors may not match but they matched perfectly! I would highly recommend the crib as well.I was a little worried about the size of the dresser because I couldn’t find the dimensions but it is the perfect size for my baby’s room! It is 48 1/2 inches wide, 20 1/4 inches deep, and 34 1/2 inches tall. Perfect size for a changing table on top plus a basket or small lamp or something at the other end.The six drawers are of good size as well. They are 20 1/2 inches wide and 6 1/2 inches deep. They slide open easily and don’t shut too quickly for fingers to get caught in them. You can read more about this by clicking here.My father and husband put the dresser together and they thought it was fairly easy to put together if you just follow the instructions. Everything they needed to put it together was included. The only thing they added was at their own decision. They decided to use glue on all the joints to make it even stronger so the dresser will last even longer. (If you do this be sure to not use too much glue. Be sure to wipe away any access glue.)My father would be considered a very handy man. He has put together several dressers and other items in his day. He said that this was one of the sturdiest dressers he had put together in a long time and that the materials were very high quality. He and I are very confident that the dresser will last for a long time.Overall, this is an excellent dresser! If you are a parent, that is looking to purchase a dresser for your child that is both beautiful and not over priced this is the dresser for you! It looks just as nice if not nicer than the $500 dressers I was looking at in the store and I got this dresser for only $200. A great price for an item that appears it will last for years to come! I love that it matched the crib I purchased for $200 as well. So I got a great set that looks amazing for a combined price of what I would have had to pay in a fancy store for one of them.

Voucher Codes UK that discounts every bill amount to ease all expenses

Codes to decode discounts

Standing on the verge of 21st century, gone are the days when one has to spend sleepless nights worrying about restaurant voucher codes this festive seasons. Dwelling in the hearts of United Kingdom, it indeed is a criminal offence to worry about discount vouchers codes also. Well, all one have to do is going online and grab the deal online bookings and transactions are becoming real popular because of their fact that they are extremely convenient and user friendly. Besides the various free discount vouchers that are being availed to its users discount the bill amount automatically beyond the customer’s expectations. Now coming to the facilities that are being offered to the customers to make their shopping experience better, free home delivery, complete exchange of products in case of any discrepancies are some of the very decent facilities offered.

Now discount every bill amount without asking

Since last few decades, the voucher codes UK have become very popular. Commencing from shopping online to travel and restaurant bookings, discount voucher codes have been utilized successfully discounting the customer’s bill amount. The most fascinating about these codes comes available with complete free discount vouchers that available online everywhere from the official websites to various social networking sites. So worries relating about where to get these vouchers are solved!

Online bookings to simplify all worries

Many a times people face a lot of issues getting booking is reputed and most favored restaurants during the festive seasons and even they get the bookings done, it has to be done a much higher rate. This festive season online restaurants bookings would not only make restaurants bookings easier but also restaurant voucher codes would discount their bill amount. Since these discount voucher codes are readily available, they some genuine issues faced by the customers completely at ease. So don’t worry and simply avail the voucher codes UK online and celebrate festive season as per your wish